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Special Topics Proposals

Fall 2024 - If a department wants a special topic course on the master schedule prior to March student advising, the eForm special topic proposal must be received in the UCCC Office on or before February 15, 2024.


UCCC Online Submissions System for Course Proposals

Use to:

  1. Add new courses
  2. Modify existing courses
  3. Submit course technical changes
  4. Submit distance course proposals


UCCC Special Topic Proposal eForm

Use to:

  1. Submit special topic proposals


Frequently Asked Course Proposal Questions


Welcome to the office of the University Committee on Courses and Curricula (UCCC). The UCCC reviews proposals submitted by academic departments and colleges to add, modify or delete curricula and courses. The committee meets monthly during the academic year to consider proposed changes and make recommendations to the Graduate Council and the Deans Council. After review by the Graduate Council and Deans Council, the proposals are forwarded to the Provost for consideration. UCCC representatives are elected by academic colleges or schools for three year terms. The UCCC also provides oversight of the University General Education Curriculum.

The UCCC office is available to colleges and departments developing course and program proposals. Please contact us at any time for assistance.

Dr. Andy Perkins, Chair
University Committee on Courses and Curricula